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Holistic Dental Care for Children: How to Set Your Kids Up for Success

As a parent, you want the best care for your children. And this also includes their oral health needs. But many parents aren’t aware that children’s teeth are relatively softer and can become damaged much faster than adult teeth.

Cavities in young children can lead to a host of dental health problems, and unfortunately, cavities in children’s teeth are a growing problem – largely due to poor diets high in sugar and other additives that can ruin the teeth. But through a holistic dental approach, you can focus on all aspects of health, including diet.

Holistic dentistry approaches oral care for children from a holistic viewpoint – taking into account how a child’s oral health can affect their entire body.

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What is Holistic Dental Care for Children?

4 Primary Goals of Holistic Dental Care for Children Infographic

Holistic dentistry is a service designed for your child’s overall health and wellness. And this often includes advanced treatments concerning your child’s facial profile, breathing patterns, bite, and dental arch development. In addition, cleanings, cavity protection, and the prevention of gum disease are also at the forefront of holistic dentistry.

A few goals of holistic dental care for children include:

  • Gum health
  • Cavity prevention
  • Balanced bite
  • Healthy jaw alignment and growth

While holistic dentistry covers a variety of oral health needs, your child’s diet is also equally important when it comes to dental health. And this is because the foods your child eats can have significant impacts on the amount of saliva they produce, the immune system’s ability to fight disease, and how teeth and enamel develop.

What Types of Cavity Treatments are Available With Holistic Dentistry for Children?

At Health Centered Dentistry, we understand that your child’s dental health is important. And we also know that sitting in a dentist’s chair can be a scary experience for little ones. This is why our approach is minimally invasive to offer your child the most comfortable experience.

While your child’s body is still growing and developing, it’s important to note that a few materials used in traditional dental settings could potentially harm your child. For example, mercury fillings can be dangerous to a growing child. And this is why holistic dentistry utilizes a variety of biocompatible methods for cavity treatment such as:

  • Composite filling material
  • Gluten-free options for cleaning
  • Vitamin D boosters
  • Fluoride treatments

With holistic dentistry, we consider the whole body when performing an initial dental exam on your children. And this is what helps to illustrate your child’s overall physical health. In fact, many diseases can affect dental health such as cardiovascular disease. This is why we look at all symptoms and health history in order to guide you and your child through cavity prevention and toward greater dental health.

Holistic Treatments for Children

Depending on the age of your child, several treatments may be available. And since children’s teeth must be cared for differently than adult teeth, holistic treatments offer a more personalized form of care.


As mentioned, your child’s diet significantly affects his or her dental health. And it’s not uncommon for a holistic dentist to recommend dietary changes in order to minimize the risk of cavities forming.

Typically, a holistic dentist will recommend that your child’s diet includes healthy food choices that are low in sugar. And this also includes beverages. For example, the average store-bought juice contains high amounts of sugar, and the acidic content is also high. Both of these elements combined are the perfect formula for allowing cavities to develop.

Ozone Therapy

One of the more common treatments against tooth decay, ozone treatments can be effective if your child’s tooth decay is relatively recent. If the decay has progressed, other treatments may be necessary.

Ozone therapy is effective in killing bacteria that cause tooth decay. As such, it’s considered a great preventative method and is highly utilized among holistic dentists. Additionally, it’s a much less invasive approach that doesn’t require drilling or other methods that may make children uncomfortable.

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays aren’t exactly new. However, from a holistic standpoint, digital x-rays offer less risk of radiation entering the body. For example, traditional x-rays use higher levels of radiation to help form images of the teeth on film. But with a digital x-ray, only small bursts of radiation are used on specific areas to form digital images.

Radiation can cause many forms of cancer in humans – including salivary gland cancer. And this is why holistic dentists prefer digital x-rays for children.

Fillings & Crowns

Many parents may be worried about using metals in fillings and crowns. And this is because allergic reactions can develop due to the presence of some metals in the mouth. But holistic dentists offer BPA-free composite materials in the place of metals like mercury that can be dangerous to children.

In addition, crowns can be made of zirconia and other natural solutions that don’t contain any metal and also reduce the risk of allergic reactions.

Holistic Dentistry for a Healthy Body and Smile

Your child’s overall health is something that we understand is significantly important to you. But your child’s dental health is also related to whole-body health, and not just for a nice smile.

The fact is, dental health plays a critical role in your child’s facial growth, speech, breathing rhythms, and overall self-esteem. And if any of your child’s teeth are heavily decayed, this can cause major problems and even have lasting complications.

Holistic dentistry takes into account all of your child’s dental health needs as they’re related to his or her overall physical health. And with your child’s whole body, diet, and health history being taken into consideration, you’ll have a much more comprehensive path towards greater dental health and greater overall health.

The Holistic Approach for Children at Health Centered Dentistry in Anchorage

At Health Centered Dentistry in Anchorage, we’ll take the time to get to know you and your child and explain how holistic dentistry is both less invasive and a better option for children. We also understand that all kids are usually nervous about their first visit. And with our holistic approach, we’ll offer them the best options for care as it relates to their specific dental needs.

One of the core elements of holistic dentistry for children is to get to know the child and their history. This is how we develop a personalized approach to care. And once we have looked into every aspect of your child’s health, we’ll be able to develop a dental wellness plan that puts your child first. Remember, we’re here to help set your child at ease and make them feel as comfortable as possible, whether it’s their first time sitting in a dentist’s chair, or if they’re in for an emergency visit.

At Health Centered Dentistry in Anchorage, we offer the latest in holistic methods and technology. And with our personalized approach, your child will have a custom care plan that you can rely on for the development of great dental health and a brilliant smile.

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