Child at the dentist getting his teeth preserved

Treatments to Preserve Your Children’s Teeth: Professional Cleanings and Dental Sealants

Do you have a sweet tooth? Maybe you still have late-night cravings for something sweet. Sugar – while it’s not the healthiest for anyone – most of us can admit, we’ve had those moments where ice cream, cake, or candy may be calling our name. But, let’s shift the focus to remembering dealing with your first cavity and how agonizing the pain may have been. As you sat in the dental chair for the first time experiencing a cavity being removed, what were you feeling? Fears? Concern? Agony?

Now that you’re an adult, you may face those fears all over again as you witness your own children being tempted by treats and not brushing properly. You may worry, when will they have a cavity? Maybe they already have one or more? And you may be wishing for a more caring, holistic family dentist to take care of your loved ones.

As your child ages and new molars develop, your children’s teeth become highly prone to cavities and dental concerns. In order to preserve your children’s teeth, there are two dental treatments that are critical to ensuring healthy, strong, and bright teeth for your children for the years to come.

One way to prevent cavities is through professional dental sealants. Another way is through regular dental check-ups and cleanings. Find out more information about how to preserve your children’s teeth and these two dental treatments you should never skimp on.

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How to Preserve Your Children’s Teeth

A child’s diet and brushing habits may not be the most thorough, especially for young children and teens. But, when your kids are between 5 and 14 years old especially, there’s a greater chance of cavities forming.

Children are especially prone to cavities and dental issues. To preserve their teeth for longer and ensure healthy, bright teeth for years and years, here are two dental treatments you should never skimp on–regular dental cleanings and dental sealants.

1. Regular Dental Cleanings

Regular dental cleanings and dental sealants are two essential treatments from a holistic dentist that help you to protect and preserve your children’s teeth.

Cavities are often caused by food, especially sugary treats–that come in between teeth and are not properly cleaned. No matter how much you brush, you simply may not be able to address your teeth in a way that resolves plaque and bacteria properly.

A family- and health-centered dentist who cares about every member of your family can help your child or teen with a proper cleaning and with simple, fun hygiene tips.

2. Dental Sealants

Dental sealants offer an easy way to shield your teeth from decay. It’s a preventative measure that a holistic dentist can perform to ensure your children’s teeth are coated properly, preventing bacteria from causing cavities and dental issues.

Dental sealants are basically thin coatings of protection that bond to the surface of teeth. These sealants serve as a barrier for your teeth with very thin layers of plastic resin bonded to the surface of affected teeth. When applied to the teeth of children and teens who are first experiencing their molars, dental sealants offer gentle protection from bacteria that leads to cavities.

Dental cleanings and dental sealants will help strengthen the overall health of your children’s teeth, offering extra protection and benefits.

Benefits of Preserving Your Children’s Teeth

5 Long-Term Benefits of Preserving Your Child's Teeth Infographic

There are several important advantages of professional dental cleanings and sealants to preserve and protect your children’s teeth.

  • Save Money. By protecting your teeth with the proper cleaning and sealants from a holistic, professional dentist, you’ll help alleviate the dreadful pain and cost of removing and treating cavities.
  • Save Time. Getting an early jump on your kids’ teeth cleanings and screenings will mean that you will save significant time in the future, preventing the need for extensive treatment.
  • Protect Your Children’s Teeth for the Long-Term. Regular cleaning and proper maintenance of your children’s teeth will help prevent tooth decay and dental issues.
  • Quicker Process than Treating Cavities and Doing Major Dental Work. Visiting the dentist regularly for proper cleanings and sealants as needed offers a much simpler process than going under anesthesia and having dental surgery.
  • Prevent Pain. By visiting a holistic provider regularly, your child will experience less pain and discomfort as their teeth will be healthier.
  • Cavity Protection. Regular dental cleanings and the application of dental sealants as necessary can be an effective way to safeguard against cavities.
  • Brighter Smile. Sealants are transparent and made from a plastic coating that will naturally blend into your child’s teeth. And of course, with a dental cleaning beforehand, that smile will be naturally brighter.

Dental cleanings and sealants are just two ways of how you can preserve your children’s teeth. But what about helping your child to love the dentist?

How To Help Your Child to Love the Dentist

The one thing you want as a parent is to protect your children and keep them safe and happy. That’s why it’s important to seek a family oriented holistic dentistry that focuses on the same thing – keeping your children safe, healthy, and smiling!

From setting up happy visits for young ones to addressing the concerns your teen may have when adult teeth are coming in improperly, a holistic dentist can make oral hygiene and having a professional dental cleaning, hygiene check-up, and sealants performed regularly a happy experience.

Tips for Your Ensuring Your Children’s Dental Health

Here are some tips that can help ensure your children’s dental health and happy smile:

  • Take Your Children in When They are Young as Possible. A holistic dentist who treats children and families recommends that you take your children to visit them as early as possible so they become comfortable with the care and preservation of their teeth. Even as a toddler, a child can visit and learn to appreciate the dentist!
  • Learn from Your Family- and Health-Centered Dentistry Proper Oral Care. By learning from your holistic dentist the importance of establishing good oral hygiene at home, you can make brushing and flossing fun.
  • Reward Your Child for Achieving Milestones. It’s important to reward your child with small incentives to encourage them during their first or fifth dental visit and their cavity-free moments by offering them a fun place to share lunch afterward or a not-so-sugary but still happy treat!

Seek your holistic dentist to educate you, your family, and even your children on proper home oral hygiene techniques.

Choosing the Right Provider for Your Children and Family

Once you’ve decided it’s time to move forward with getting the proper care you need for your children’s oral health, you will have uncovered the secret for how to preserve your children’s teeth – choosing the right holistic dental provider for your children and your family!

A holistic dentist that offers professional dental cleanings, and checkups, along with proper sealants for your children’s teeth will help you ensure that your kids are healthy, and smiling for a happy life!

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