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6 Types of Innovative Dental Technology That Improve Patient Care

Although regular dental checkups are beneficial to everyone, the American Dental Association (ADA) reports that more than 20% of people say they have not visited a dentist recently. Among the 59% who claim they cannot afford routine visits, 22% mention dread about dental work, and 19% claim difficulty locating a professional, convenient site, and time.

That’s where the latest dental technology comes in, making going to the dentist’s office a joyful and pleasant experience. From safe and effective digital X-rays to CREC, same-day dentistry makes your care more convenient than ever.

The development of new dental technology solutions has been influenced by both economic demands and changing patient desires, enabling dentists to provide better, holistic treatment and build stronger relationships and simpler solutions for patients.

Dental technology is changing the field of dentistry and the way dentists diagnose, treat, and care for those seeking expert dental support. But what are the innovative dental technologies that are transforming the patient experience? Let’s learn more.

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Newest dental technology

6 Types of Innovative Dental Tech Infographic

Recent dental technological developments are at the forefront of this transition. Here are some ground-breaking developments:

1. Digital X-Rays

Digital X-rays are an essential diagnostic tool for assessing your mouth’s general health and understanding problems including cavities, low bone volume, and other irregularities. Digital X-rays are a safer, more modern imaging technique offering your dentist a complete oral health image and report.

Today’s digital dental x-rays involve safe protection elements to protect patients from radiation exposure. Lead aprons and thyroid collars are placed on patients to reduce radiation exposure, covering you in key bodily areas. Images are sent directly to a computer where they may be viewed right away. To observe places of concern throughout your mouth that would not otherwise be visible, your dentist can pull them up on the computer and more closely inspect any affected areas.

Patients can have digital x-rays within the mouth, intraorally, or outside the mouth, extraorally, depending on the dental need. The x-rays are essential for diagnosing cavities and for determining the health of the bone surrounding teeth. Periapical x-rays can identify individual tooth abscesses or bone loss brought on by gum disease, while extraoral x-rays are used to evaluate dental implants, wisdom teeth, and jaw problems.


CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic) is a technique for making dental restorations used to fix decayed or damaged teeth. Some dental offices are equipped with tools enabling them to plan and produce restorations with the aid of a computer.

Contrary to conventional crowns, CEREC is known as one-visit crowns requiring patients only one appointment to resolve concerns. That’s why CEREC is also acclaimed as “Chairside Economical Restoration.”

Because if you’ve experienced receiving a crown previously, you probably know that it generally requires several visits to the dentist over a period of a few weeks, but CEREC one-visit crowns make the process significantly quicker.

3. Laser Treatment

A leading way to remove disease-causing and disruptive bacteria from your mouth are via laser treatment. Laser treatment is a superior method of minimizing the damage bacteria can cause by its effective removal by a professional, health-centered dentist.

4. Professional Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening offers a sheer advantage over at-home teeth whitening. With a cutting-edge Zoom LED teeth whitening technique, professional-level whitening can be achieved, providing patients with quicker, safer results.

Patients can also opt for at-home whitening trays and a kit to use at their convenience if you prefer.

5. Dental Implants

Dental implants offer the latest in ground-breaking tooth replacement and overall post-procedure appearances. Dental technology for restorative dentistry involves the replacing of missing teeth via implants, using titanium screws surgically inserted into the jaw. These screws act as tooth roots and encourage bone growth. One or more teeth can be replaced with implants, and they are created to last a lifetime. Your dental implant will feel and appear just like a natural tooth once it is installed.

Dental implants involve a preliminary consultation where you and your dentist can talk about overall objectives such as the desired look of your mouth, necessary x-rays, and evaluating whether implants are the best option for you and your future.

The dental implant session involves examining the condition of your gums and the jawbone beneath them. Implant placement usually involves two surgical visits to ensure implants are successfully inserted into the jaw and are fitting properly in your mouth.

The second appointment after implants will be to ensure the healing process is achieved and to take care of abutment and crown positioning: In some situations, innovative dentistry professionals can attach the implant and the artificial tooth on the same day.

6. Dentures Secured by Implants

Implant-supported dentures involve a set of dentures that attach directly to four dental implants. This option offers more support than traditional dentures. Dentures can simply click onto the implants and the user will experience less movement and frustration with dentures that are secure and not moving about in the mouth.

A health-centered family dentist who is concerned about every person in the family can assist you at any age with your teeth, even with complex implants and implants over dentures, ensuring the best, most comfortable placement and fit for your premium dental health.

The overall health of your mouth will be strengthened by the proper placement of implants and monitoring of the healing of your gums, ensuring the permanent advantage of implants that look and feel good in your mouth.

Newest Dental Technologies

Embracing the newest dental technology involves trusting your local professional dentist who keeps abreast of the latest and greatest offerings.

A holistic, health-centered dentistry can offer the above services providing you, your family, and even your kids the right methods for maintaining good oral hygiene at home.

Discovering Professional Dentistry that Can Help

When you take advantage of innovative dental technology from the ideal provider for your family and your health, you will have discovered the method for how to keep your teeth or implants looking and feeling well for the long term.

The right professional dentistry that offers financial support options for your healthy mouth and future and enables you to take advantage of the latest, greatest dental technologies will be the one that is essential for the future of your healthy mouth.

Because dental technology continues to develop quickly, finding a local dentist you can rely on to provide you with the greatest service is essential for patients. And finding one who uses cutting-edge dental technology is a huge advantage in the process.

As a patient, ask your dentist about the current dental trends and how they are keeping up with the benefits and conveniences of the latest tools and dental technologies. Then, you and your family can take advantage of a happy, carefree dental experience.

From routine cleanings, dental implants, and teeth whitening to other necessary dental procedures, a professional, holistic dentist is one that won’t just offer what all other dentists do but one who can provide the best, most innovative solutions for your dental concerns.

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