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Extractions and Wisdom Teeth Removal

At Health Centered Dentistry, our goal is always to strengthen and maintain your natural teeth. Unfortunately, there are times when your tooth or teeth cannot be saved and an extraction is required. ​ When this treatment is recommended by your doctor, there are several options to help you heal and prepare for the next phase of treatment - whether that's an implant, denture or bridge!

  • Bone grafts can help promote and sustain bone growth and development at the extraction site

  • Tissue membranes, either fabricated by synthetic, cadaver, or your own body, serve as a band-aid to help promote faster healing

  • Sutures may or may not be used depending on the site. Some sutures are resorbable making it easier on for your healing process.

Wisdom teeth extraction Many Anchorage, Alaska residents are faced with the decision to remove their wisdom teeth. Wisdom tooth removal is suggested either to correct a problem (i.e. crowding) or to prevent problems that regularly occur with wisdom teeth if allowed to come in. Some of the common issues with wisdom teeth include:

  • The teeth become impacted (unable to break through the gums) because your jaw is not big enough to accommodate the teeth.

  • Infection may occur where a wisdom tooth has come through the gums part-way, creating a space where food gets stuck. Gums become swollen and painful.

  • Impacted teeth can also cause infection or damage to other teeth and bone.

  • Wisdom teeth often come in at an irregular angle which can force other teeth to make room, causing issues with your bite or smile.

If the doctors at Health Centered Dentistry perform extraction of one or more of your wisdom teeth, know that you will be as comfortable as possible during the procedure. Local anesthetic is used at the site of the surgery and sedation options are available to help you rest comfortably (and even sleep!) through the procedure.

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