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COVID Protocol 11-2020

It seems there are always changes with COVID protocol in regards to what to wear - mask or no mask - and when a test is needed - symptoms or no symptoms? We want to help alleviate some of the confusion by laying out how we work to protect our patients and our team members during this time of the COVID pandemic.

Our patients have been so great in regards to allowing their temperatures to be taken and completing our COVID screenings which are now on iPads and saved directly to your chart. There are a few questions that have arisen as we've worked through these past few months. This blog is meant to address those questions and concerns. Please note that if you have more questions, we are ALWAYS just a phone call or text away.

1) Masks: Masks are mandatory in our practice. A mask can be any kind of facial covering including a bandana, scarf, and a face shield. We understand there are patients that cannot wear a facial covering due to medical and PTSD reasons. We ask that in those situations you inform our front desk so that we can accommodate your specific needs to ensure you still receive the dental care you need.

2) In the Operatory: We only allow one patient/person in the operatory unless that person needs a guardian or personal assistant with them. In these cases, the person accompanying the patient will be under the same regulations regarding recording their temperature, COVID screenings, and facial coverings.

3) Family Appointments: We love having the family come together for their appointments! We have some families seen by multiple hygienists at the same time. We also have families that prefer to see the same hygienist one family member after the other. In these special cases, according to the social distancing guidelines, the family all lives together and can be in the same operatory together. If this is the case, we ask that the family stay in the operatory during the length of the visit and refrain from walking in the hallway. This will help maintain social distance from other patients and reduce traffic.

4) Food in the Operatory: Per OSHA regulations food of any kind is not allowed in the operatories. If you need a snack break (which we totally understand - ask us how we feel about donuts), we do have a consult room where you can eat your snacks to help you make it through your appointment or while you wait for your loved one.

We greatly appreciate your help as a patient and friend in maintaining high standards of protection during this pandemic. We absolutely love seeing each of you at the practice and can't wait for the time when we can see more than just your pretty eyes. Until then, please feel free to contact our Office Manager, Rachael, or the doctors with any questions or concerns you may have regarding dental care during COVID at Health Centered Dentistry.

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