1st Surgery

Phase 4

1st Surgery

There were multiple steps taken in Mike's first day of surgery with HCD. These included IV sedation, implant placement on the upper right, and tissue grafting of his anterior (front) teeth.

1. IV Sedation

IV Sedation is a great option for patients that have anxiety or have a long appointment and want to be more comfortable. IV Sedation is considered conscious sedation wherein the patient can sleep, but can also respond to simple directions from the dentist. Transportation is required to and from the appointment as the sedation drugs can linger within the patient's system up to 24 hours.

2. Implant

The implant placed on the upper right will allow Mike to have new tooth restored there within the next 4-6 months. An implant is the closest you can get to having your natural tooth back. You can floss it like a normal tooth and no special home care is required!

There are 2 steps to a dental implant:  1) placement and 2) restoration (crown). The time between the two steps depends greatly upon the patient's healing abilities and the integration of the implant. Typically, the implant can be restored 4-6 months later after placement.

3. Tissue Graft

Creating a beautiful smile for Mike required a tissue graft for his anterior (front) teeth. In order to have his gum line more aesthetically pleasing, the gums needed to be shaped and formed to be more symmetrical. Part of this surgery utilized the Vestibular Incision Surgical Tunneling Approach, a.k.a. VISTA. 

Dr. Marchant's notes on the day of treatment:

  • #9, 10, 11, and 13: A Zimmer Allograft, hydrated with I-PRF was placed in a mid-line incision utilizing VISTA. The area was closed with vertical sling sutures and composite tacked coronal positioning sutures.

  • #4 root tip extraction/implant: Treatment was completed using a full-guided Hiossen implant system. A sub-epithelial connective tissue graft was harvested from the palatal flap of the implant site. This tissue graft was used in a similar VISTA technique to graft the recession on #6 and sutured in the same manner.


Overall, the surgery went very well and the patient recovered very well, too! We're excited to see the results over the next few months and see how the implant integrates into his smile.

Mike's perspective

Post-Op Check-In
by Mike Ford

I am excited about tomorrow, I will be going in to get the sutures taken out for the gum work that was done two weeks ago. There was some discomfort the first day or two after my procedure and it took about four days for the majority of the swelling to go down but overall I couldn't be more pleased.


So the restoration of my mouth is well underway. Next I will be getting the implant to replace the tooth I lost so long ago.


What I can't really put into words is the sense of empowerment it gives me to have a healthy mouth again. Overcoming the fear of sitting in a dental chair goes beyond words.I feel sorry for the people I work with, after tomorrow I will be able to whistle again! I didn't realize I did it so often until these sutures prevented it.


Thanks for checking in on my Dental Journey, I hope you take your own with the gang at HCD. 

Sedation Dentistry - Mike in the Morning
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