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Laser Hygiene Certification Course at HCD

August 25, 2017


Laser Hygiene Certification Course
at Health Centered Dentistry


Date:   Friday, October 5, 2017
Time:   8AM – 5PM
Location:   Health Centered Dentistry, 1400 W Benson Blvd, Suite 150
CE:   8 CE Credits


Anchorage — Health Centered Dentistry is excited to announce our upcoming laser hygiene certification course with Cindy Basile, RDH, AAS, of Productive Laser Hygiene Services, LLC.


The Diode laser has become the most commonly utilized laser in dentistry today. Diode lasers have many advantages over traditional surgical and therapeutic techniques including less pain, faster healing and new applications including bleaching and desensitizing teeth. We invite all dental professionals – from dentist to hygienist – to come learn how to expand the scope of services offered when a laser is added to the practice! This course is also free to all administrative support staff that would like to learn more about billing laser treatments to dental insurance.




Give your patients the newest and highest standard of care! When our course and hands-on simulated certification process is complete, we will have instilled the confidence necessary for each hygienist or doctor to know that they are now qualified to provide each patient with the best standard of care while at the same time increasing revenues for your office.



  1. History of laser and basic laser Physics

  2. Laser Components and delivery system

  3. Laser safety protocols and hazards

  4. (LSO) Laser Safety Officer Responsibilities

  5. Laser Procedures and treatment parameters for Perio

  6. Laser Integration with Proper Laser Hygiene techniques

  7. Patient management & comm., terminology, codes & fees

  8. Tissue healing assessment & management of complications

  9. Additional Procedures – Biostimulation/Biomodulation, Herpetic Lesion, Apthous Ulcer, Bleaching & Tooth Desensitizing

  10. Simulated hands on with Diode

  11. Written exam




Please contact Rachael Middleton at 907.276.4537 // info@hcdentistry.com for more information on cost and participation.See you there!


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