Phase 3

pre-op requirements

In order for treatment to go smoothly, time must be taken to plan out the treatment from beginning to end. At Health Centered Dentistry, our doctors take the time to make sure we look at all the possible scenarios for treatment and plan accordingly.

Surgical Guides

One of the ways we make sure treatment goes according to plan is to utilize the Sirona Orthophos XG. For the patient, this includes scanning the teeth with the CEREC scanner and taking a 3D CBCT scan of the area where the implant will go.

The doctor will utilize these images to create a surgical guide that's either printed on our 3D printer or milled in our CEREC mill. The surgical guide will then be used on the day of treatment to help the doctor achieve perfect implant placement.


Your pre-op appointment will also include signing any necessary consent forms. Each consent form reviews the risks, benefits, and alternatives to treatment to ensure you as a patient receive all the necessary information you need prior to agreeing to treatment.

This is the perfect time to review with your doctor your questions and/or concerns regarding treatment!