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Dental Bone Grafting Procedures

What is a Dental Bone Graft?

Gum disease is the leading cause of bone loss in the mouth. Fortunately, the doctors at Health Centered Dentistry can help prevent damage and promote the regrowth of natural bone, through a procedure called bone grafting. Bone grafting may be needed to create a stable base for dental implant placement, to stop the progression of gum disease, or to make your smile more balanced and looking its best.

Bone Graft Material

Bone is usually harvested from the patient (either from the mouth or elsewhere in the body). Bone used in oral procedures may also be bovine or synthetic.

Why Do I Need A Bone Graft?

There are many reasons why a patient may need a bone graft to restore the jaw bone. Some of the more common are:

  • To support dental implants

  • To augment the ridge in the case of severe periodontal disease, trauma, or birth defect

  • To reposition a nerve during an implant procedure

The doctors at Health Centered Dentistry want you to be comfortable and confident in any oral surgery you may require. We urge you to sit down with us and discuss your concerns so we can come up with a plan to keep you and your mouth healthy. We would be honored to be the team to take care of you during surgery.

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