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Custom Fit Dentures to Enhance Your Quality of Life

At Health Centered Dentistry, we work closely with our denture-wearing patients to live a vibrant and normal life. Dentures can sometimes bring up negative images of aged folks with unwieldy smiles and bedside glasses holding false teeth. We understand the hardship of losing teeth and strive to provide patients the best experience possible, always trying to save as many natural teeth as we can. However, if dentures become a reality know that the advances in measuring capabilities and modern materials make for a very different denture than your grandparents. We serve Alaskans from all over the state out of our Anchorage office. Come in for a consultation today.

Comfortable Dentures That Look Great!

Dentures have evolved tremendously over the years. The process we use to help fit the perfect denture ensures a comfortable fit and a smile that get’s noticed for all the right reasons.

Why Do I Need Dentures?

Dentures can improve your life in many ways. Not only can you start to enjoy some of your favorite foods again, wearing a denture made here will make you smile—a lot. Our dentures are works of art. We take pride in the details. We work hard to make your prosthetic match your facial features so your smile is effortless and natural looking.​

Will Dentures Change My Appearance?

Not only will you smile again, dentures also help preserve your facial structure. When people go for long periods without the support of natural teeth there is deterioration or atrophy of the jawbone, resulting in the appearance of ‘sunken-face’. Without teeth a person’s speech is also negatively impacted. Enunciation can be difficult and often people are embarrassed to speak. With well fitting dentures your speech normalizes. Of course many foods are simply impossible to consume without the support of natural teeth. Dentures can help you get back to eating the foods you enjoy.

Secured Dentures

If you are worried about dentures slipping or moving, know that modern dentures are much more secure due to the precision the doctors can attain in fitting them. Additionally, if you would like a denture that is even more secure, we are proud to offer All-on-4® dentures, whereby full arch dentures are attached to 4 implants that lock the denture in place. The denture will be made to connect to the implants for a stable and comfortable fit.

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