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Serve One Another

At HCD, we have team agreements that help keep our team on the same page and the culture in our practice positive and uplifting. Recently, Faye, our Insurance Coordinator, shared a few words with our team that was very insightful about our team agreement to Serve One Another. Here's what she share with us.

My favorite agreement: SERVE ONE ANOTHER

Three simple & life changing words. If we take the attitude of servitude & seek to serve others, especially, our coworkers, we release our own inhibitions, ambitions & self-seeking attitude.

A servant’s heart seeks to help, meet the needs of others & naturally becomes a peace maker. By serving each other & seeking to serve, we help & uplift each other & the spirit of the air around us becomes peaceful & leans towards calm.

Those within that space can feel a servant’s heart & benefit from the calming, serving attitude around them. Of course, there are those who are resistant to calm. They may pick up the servant’s heart & try to use it to their advantage but here in HCD, we can serve each other & our patients.

Serve with dignity & accept help from others with dignity. What better way than to simply thank the help we receive & then turn around & be the helper?

Please seek out to serve several others today and bless someone you work along side with.

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