• Kent Marchant, DMD

Movie, Broken Tooth, New Crown – All in One Day!

In today’s fast paced world, it is easy to get slowed down by a visit to your archaic dental office when you have a broken tooth emergency. Many of you have been there – you’re at the movies enjoying your day when you bite into a popcorn seed and the unthinkable happens… your tooth or old crown breaks! Now you have to make an appointment to see you favorite dentist that is using the same tools and techniques they learned in dental school years ago. You know the process: numbing, drill, drill, drill, bite into this tray of goo, then the plastic temporary that never stays on, the pat on the back and a “come back in 3 to 4 weeks for the final crown!”

NOT ANYMORE!! Today, and for years at Health Centered Dentistry, we have offered same day dentistry. Crowns are just one of the many procedures we can offer in that category. To change the ending to our story lets go back to that moment you broke your tooth. Now you call HCD and come in right away. In under 2 hours you are walking out with a new permanent porcelain crown. Cerec technology allows us to eliminate the goo, the temporary and the 3-4 week wait.

Here is a beautiful case presentation of our very story above. Our patient broke their crown done years ago at a previous dentist while watching a movie. A quick trip to HCD to visit Dr. Marchant and in under 2 hours a new crown was placed and our patient was off to dinner with no return visit required for this procedure! Call us today to learn more about same-day dentistry or to schedule your same-day crown!

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Dr. Kent Marchant

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