Phase 2

teeth cleanings

You can have the most beautiful teeth in the world, but if your gums are not strong and healthy, you can loose those beautiful teeth. The gums are often considered the foundation in your mouth. Just like your house, a strong foundation will ensure a long life of the home built on top.

After the initial comprehensive exam at Health Centered Dentistry, we then work on stabilizing your gums. Whether you've been in for a cleaning or hygiene appointment within the last 6 months or the last 6 years, we will start with periodontal charting. This is when the hygienist is measuring the pockets of your gums around your teeth and calling out numbers like, "2, 3, 1".


Once the measurements are complete, the hygienist will co-diagnosis with your doctor on the best cleaning for your mouth. This can be either a prophy or regular cleaning or scaling and root planing (necessary for periodontal disease).


Our hygienists do their best to educate our patients with all the tools they'll need to keep up on their home care so that their next visit will always be better than the last. 

Mike's perspective

Getting Back to Basics
by Mike Ford

I don’t know if you are like me but dental hygiene was not a top of mind event in my life.
A quick brush in the morning and right before bed, maybe once more if i was going
somewhere. Flossing? Yes! Two times a year, right before I would head to the dentist for
my check up. Since I began working with Health Centered Dentistry that has changed.


I was introduced to Kathleen, my hygienist. There was no judgement, just a genuine
interest in helping me understand what is needed to improve my dental health. Little
steps, like keeping floss within reach throughout the day.


I devised an interesting technique which I am unveiling here. I noticed a few of my co workers go downstairs to smoke throughout the day. I don’t smoke, but when I see them go I floss!


I also purchased a sonic toothbrush and I plan to add a Waterpik to the routine.


I will be meeting with Kathleen again in a few weeks to see how I am doing and what else I can do
to improve my situation, I’ll give you an update then!