Ozone Therapy

Improve Your Oral Health With Ozone Treatments

Anti-microbial, viral, bacterial, fungal and parasitic

Ozone Dental Therapy

Ozone Treatments

Gas, Liquid, and Oil

Ozone dental therapy has been used throughout countries in Europe, South American and others for several years. We are excited to bring this therapy to Health Centered Dentistry! Utilizing 3 atoms of oxygen, this amazing compound can be used as an anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-microbial, and anti-parasitic. It has also been shown to stimulate remineralization of recent caries-affected teeth and is used as a preventive therapy in caries and root caries.

Utilizing Ozone

At Health Centered Dentistry, this holistic therapy is used in our office for:

  • Reducing tooth sensitivity

  • Certain oral lesions both within and outside of the mouth

  • Sterilizing tooth canals during root canal therapy

  • Sterilizing water lines for dental equipment


​By utilizing the Longevity's Quantum 3 Ozone Generator, we are able to provide this service for patients looking for an alternative to fluoride for sensitivity on recession. We've seen great results since incorporating this holistic treatment in our office. Patients have reported reduced sensitivity on recession sites and teeth that had decay close to the nerve. Ask your provider today for more information about ozone.

We also sell ozonated olive oil to use for various skin conditions including herpetic and bisphosphonate lesions.