Complete Dental Care Services

At Health Centered Dentistry, patient satisfaction is our number one priority. Our team of highly qualified experts contribute to our growing reputation as one of the top Anchorage area Dental Clinic.
We strive to be the most trusted and respected healthcare provider for all of our patients,
and offer personalized medical care services.


"I heard about Health Centered Dentistry while listening to a wellness podcast on dental work and how important it is to do it right, finding that HCD in Alaska is endorsed for non-toxic fillings and procedures by the Green Smoothie Girl. Initially I was apprehensive about the pain that may accompany dental work, and Dr. Henry did his best to re-assure me. When the tooth came out, he let me know that it was a good call to pull it as it could not have been saved. I was scheduled for a bone graft, which has went well and I'll have to say the pain has been entirely bearable if almost non-existent. I am still healing and will have a new tooth put in eventually, but in the mean time I am happily on my way to restoring my mouth through dental work to last me into my senior years." ~GM Pope, Google+