HCD Headlines

September 7, 2020

Here's a little history behind the creation of Labor Day in America, and a haiku in honor of our labor force.

No work Monday.

No one is at the office.

Sleep. Sleep. Hot dogs. Sleep.



We had a great August even with many of our providers being out for various reasons. Our collections were at 104% which means we were collecting old debt - awesome! Our tx plan acceptance is going up, too, which means people are accepting tx and we're also cleaning up tx plans - awesome x2! What else do you see?



Per our discussion at our last team meeting, D9910 is the application of desensitizing medicament and is used on a 'per visit' basis. The cost can either be per tooth, per quadrant or the whole mouth. For our hygienists that are helping with figuring out ozone costs, timing, etc., my input would be to have this cost per tooth at $20. We could max it out if more than x spots need treatment. Thoughts?



We recently found a USB in the break room with no identifying information on the outside. When I opened it, I found a lot of different patients' information on the file. I'm not sure what this was for, but please know that this is not allowed. If we need to send files per a patient or referral's request, we will send them via email. There will never be a reason to have multiple patients on any kind of USB that is not encrypted. If this were turned into the authorities, we could wind up with $10,000 per patient fine - at minimum! Thank you for your diligence in protecting our patients' information!!



A great request from Kolina at our team meeting - Please take post-op photos when our patients complete their Invisalign/Clear Correct/Sure Smile treatments! These would be perfect content for our social media platforms.