HCD Headlines

September 21, 2020

How are those phone calls going? I heard clinical notes are being signed. You guys are awesome!



We have the information below for each person that needs to complete their CPR. Please finish your online class first and then schedule a time with Team One for a hands-on skill assessment. This is needed to obtain your CPR card.

The link is specific to you! It cannot be shared as it will only work once. Please let me know if you have any issues.



End of day can be hectic as we try our best to either get out on time or just to get out as soon as we can... we all know how that goes. There are a few important tasks that MUST be done before we all leave, though. Please remember to:

  1. Restart all computers. This includes the consult room, N2O, supply area, and pano room.

  2. Raise all patient dental chairs. By raising the chairs, we ensure there is enough room for our janitorial team to clean properly in each operatory.

  3. Turn off x-ray machines. Give your machines a rest.

  4. Lights & radio off.



Team One will be the office for your CPR hands-on assessment. They can be reached at 907-929-3900. This cost will also be covered by HCD. If they request payment before hand, please let me know and I'll make sure it's handled. 



Our morning huddle is vital to ensure everyone from front to back is unified in the plan for the day. This is the opportunity to discuss patient concerns, strategize hygiene exams, and mentally prepare for what lies ahead.

It can be hard to make it to every meeting on time. I've noticed this past month we have not started our team meeting on time or we are missing several team members at the start of the meeting - and sometimes even by the end of the meeting.

Let's make a commitment to one another to start our meetings at 7:35AM. If you are on your way to the back, let everyone know it's time to huddle. Let's make our day the best it can be by starting off on the right foot - keeping our commitments.


I commit to be on time for you and our morning huddle. Thank you all for doing your best!

Go Team