HCD Headlines

September 14, 2020

September is a good chance for us to catch up. The schedule slows down a little and it's the perfect time for us to contact our patients that haven't been in for a while. Please take the time to review your lists. For hygienists, this includes broken/will-call patients. For doctors and assistants, this includes broken/will-call patients, post op calls, and unscheduled treatment. For the front, a little bit of everything.


Please remember that we are tracking the number of calls we make. At every morning huddle, if you've made calls, please let us know so we can all celebrate in your accomplishments. Even one call makes the difference for our team morale and our patients' consistency in their dental care.



We need to update our CPR licenses. We are going to use Team One again for this training. Unfortunately, due to COVID, we cannot use our facility. This time we will have everyone complete the online classroom material at home. You can then go to their office to complete the one-on-one skill test to show you can do CPR. This will be covered by HCD. This is not something to do during work time unless you are clocked out. I will send the link for CPR out as soon as I have it and will include their office location.



I need your help with communication through the appointment book. When you create an event, even if it's just for lunch, I need you to put your initials in the box. This small note helps us know who is inputting the boxes. If you need time off or need to leave early, please let me know before you put in boxes at the end of the day. We know there is a lot going on now with school starting, etc. We also need to keep in touch with one another about our schedules. Please, please  remember - initials and a notice to me when you need to close out your schedule early. Thank you!



As you may know, our team helps to create the content we use for our social media platforms. This includes Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. If you would like to help with any other these, including sharing an idea or photo, please feel free to text or email me. I would love your input!

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Have you seen this box before? It's SUPER important! This box means the patient you are trying to schedule for has an existing appointment on the broken/will-call list. ALWAYS click YES so you can see what the appointment is. If it's not the one you're trying to schedule, you can still create a new appointment from that screen. If it is the one you're trying to schedule, you can place it on the pinboard and drag it to the time you need. By using these appointments instead of creating new one, you will help keep our database running quickly and also keep the history of the appointment accurate.

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