HCD Headlines

August 31, 2020

September is tomorrow and we are in for a lot of changes. Changes include Kaitlyn leaving, Debbie returning to the practice in-person, and hiring a new team member. As we've worked to create the best hiring process we can, we've realized the best way to ensure the right person is hired is to ensure the whole team is part of the hiring process. With this in mind, we are including several of you in the hiring process - whether that's asking questions or taking people on tours or having them shadow you. Your input and perspective is not only valuable but necessary to ensure HCD continues to stay strong and a place where everyone wants to work.


We will continue to have Tiphanni and Evelyn work with us this next week. We will also have a few people come and shadow our team. Those that shadow are those that have no experience, but could be a good cultural fit for us. Thank you for taking the time to interview them and helping them to feel welcome whether or not they become team members. So many of the people interviewed have said how nice everyone is and how they hope they get the chance to work with such great people. Let's work together to find the next awesome team member!



Thank you for your patience with the September schedule. You can click HERE to see the schedule. We have doctors going out for hunting trips so please note those days accordingly. If you need more hours than what's in the schedule, please let me know and we can find a project for you at the practice.

Fall Leaves


Curaprox is currently offering their Professional Trial Units for only $55. You can see the flyer HERE. If you'd like to order, you can contact our sales rep, Lauren Stidham at 520.241.9940 or lauren@curaproxusa.com



Thank you to those who are able to help the doctors with the new practice in Palmer. We are looking for a hygienist and a dental assistant that can work W-F. Right now we have a few helpers, but it'd be awesome to have someone dedicated to that spot. If you know of anyone looking, please send them our way! You all have been a big help in the past when it comes to referring someone to work with our team..



We have new storage in the N2O or server room. Please note how the pillows are now being stored. Each one will have a pin that can be hung on the hooks. Thanks to Dr. Henrie for helping us hang this up! And thanks to Heather and Leah for helping make it user-friendly!



We received a letter from Dr. Hartman and Dr. Koropp informing us their Boniface practice will be closing. This is due to the COVID mandates that require social distancing and other restrictions. The Dimond location will continue to be open and they will offer longer hours for their patients' needs.