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August 3, 2020

What type of communicator are you? This is always a fun topic to return to to refresh our skills on the best way to communicate with those around us. From Crown Council:

1) Auditory: learn more readily when they hear information as opposed to reading it. Pick up detail when they listen and retain it with greater accuracy... easy to communicate with in a classroom setting.

2) Visual: While listening to a speech, are usually found taking copious notes to record on paper what they hear... Maximize use of blackboard, posters, or PowerPoint presentations... A card is more likely appreciated than a phone call.

3) Kinesthetic: Understand better if they get their hands on things. If you are expressing friendship or appreciation..., it is helpful to remember that they respond to what they can feel - a hand shake or a pat on the back.

Who's up for trying some play-dough at our next meeting? I've heard this helps to keep people's attention and increase retention of the subject shared while they played. Hmm...



Louis from Burkhart sent us this really neat presentation on how to keep up with equipment maintenance in our clinic. This interactive site will show you when and how to keep our equipment top notch. He is going to visit with us at an upcoming team meeting to discuss these things in more detail. Until then... ENJOY!

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We will review our team goals at this next team meeting. Although the beginning of 2020 was nothing we've planned for, we can definitely achieve the goals we've set in place. Please be ready to review those together. You can refresh your memory HERE.

Team work


Did you know our patient, Dr. William Fell, is a contributor to the DentistryIQ publication? He's written a great article on COVID-19 titled, "COVID-19 is changing our world! A call to action for dental professionals." Check it out HERE.

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We are hosting a free dental clinical for the children we saw during the months of February and March. There were a handful of children that needed to have dental treatment and others that just needed a regular cleaning. We have a few providers from our community that have volunteered to assist us. We would be very grateful to have some of our providers and team members assist in this cause. Please let me know if you'd like to participate. As of right now, the tentative date is Saturday, August 29, 2020. Thank you!

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