HCD Headlines

August 17, 2020

Clinical notes, Office Journal notes, Appointment notes, Appointment Book notes, Insurance notes, Guarantor notes... What else am I missing? :) Lots of places for us to leave a note for our fellow team members and our future selves. Remember to take the time to review your notes carefully. Make sure they are thorough and can stand up for themselves if someone were to read them out loud in court. The devil is the in the details... the devil you know and the devil you don't know... that's a lot of potential devils. Anyone have some sage?



I believe this is a better platform for us to share the details on how we did for the previous month. From this point forward, I will include this information in the Headlines and then we can discuss specific concerns or accomplishments in the team meeting following the notice for the Headlines that week. Please review and be ready to share any insights for the meeting this Thursday. Thanks!


Our friend, Ben Ward from Invisalign, will be attending our 9/3/20 team meeting. He keeps us informed of free CE offered through Invisalign including one class coming up on 8/19. Click HERE to learn more. You can also email him and ask to be on his list so you can get this information directly. These webinars are open to anyone that would like to learn more. No DMD or DDS required.


CH-CH-CH-CHANGES... To the hygiene operatories and schedules.

1) Lori is coming back on 10/27

2) Lori's new schedule will be Tues and Wed only - no more Mondays.

3) Jillian will not be here in the evenings on Tues starting right about now.

4) Op8 will open as a temporary hyg op when Lori returns. Guadalupe will be there on Tues.

Bianka is helping ensure the schedules are reflective of these changes - THANK YOU! Please let me know if you have further questions.


New challenges ahead this week with school officially starting... Here's to the kids who are bravely facing the unknown... Here's to the parents sending their kids to school - virtual or live... Here's to the parents starting home school... Here's to the college students who still don't know their schedule... Here's to the people with no kids that have to hear about it on social media... May the odds be ever in your favor.