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July 27, 2020

And now... a deep thought from Crown Council...


"Be Inquisitive... Knowing [these three keys to learning will] "encourage you to be more inquisitive.

1) Put a value on all people. While two people might have had the same academic training, no two people have had exactly the same experiences and lessons learned. When you put a value on every person, including your own children, you will begin to get real value from being inquisitive.

2) Identify everyone's uniqueness and strengths. It was Ralph Waldo Emerson, one of the more brilliant philosophers, who said that he had never met a man who was not his superior in some particular. If you subscribe to this philosophy, you will seek to discover each person's uniqueness and learn from it.

3) Ask questions and listen. The person who asks the right questions and listens, learns the most, providing he doesn't let it end there. Actually learning only occurs when behavior changes. So changing should be the ultimate goal of learning."

~A Morning Minute From the Crown Council, Inspirational Thoughts & Culture Building Tools


After reviewing our current standing with COVID and the mandates from the state, we have decided to continue with the hours of 8A-3P on M, W, TH, and F. We have had several patients request the evening hours and we want to ensure their needs are met. On Tuesdays only, we will be open from 10A - 6P. These will be our temporary hours for the months of August and September..

With that in mind, you can view the August schedule HERE. Paul will be working with Dr. Henrie and Kaitlyn will be back with Dr. Marchant. Debbie will be working remotely for most of the month. Remember we'll be closed on 8/11!



You may see this magazine in your neighborhood if you live by the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail in town. HCD is an expert sponsor in this magazine. The editor, Janna Hardy, is a patient of ours. She sent this last edition with this wonderful note. Thought you might like to see it!

Coastal Trail Magazine.jpg


Flooring will seriously happen on August 4th. For real this time... seriously... So, we'll clear the floor and be ready for them to start that night at 6pm.


Thank you all for helping to get us ready last time! I don't know about you, but I'm kind of digging the front lobby with only 4 chairs. How about you?



We have seen some great notes regarding patients being due for x-rays and exams. Thank you all for following through with the training we had last week! If you have ideas for a team training, let me know and we can make it happen.

Remember, if you have a concern with mistakes you're seeing or protocol that doesn't make sense, please speak with the person that can help. When we work to communicate directly with the person we may have a conflict with, both sides grow substantially and are the better for it. It can be scary to have that initial conversation - no one seeks out conflict (or they shouldn't!). Taking that first step will be an empowering experience for you and changes will happen A LOT quicker when you work with each other one on one. I'm always here to help, too.

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