HCD Headlines

July 20, 2020

We had a great month for June. It's great to see we did well considering all the obstacles in our way. The BIG shout out goes to our hygienists - $19,600+ over 2019 - wow! We were a little shy of our goals in hygiene for this year but only by $3,015. That's awesome considering all the shuffling of schedules and patients that we went through and yet our patients still came. Thank you all for your hard work in getting people back into the practice and pre-appointing our patients for their next visits. 



We are going to discuss questions we all have on x-rays and frequencies. It's been awhile since we reviewed the Standard of Care at Health Centered Dentistry. We will go into detail about bitewings, PA's, pano, and more! Hang onto your XCP's, because this is gonna be good.



All Oxyfresh products are purchased by Diane. Please let her know when more product needs to be purchased. If you need more product for your operatory, please make sure you inform the front desk before that item is taken. We track every product under the Health Centered Dentistry account and it must be written off even if we're using it in-house or we're giving it away as a thank you gift.

You can learn more about Oxyfresh and why it's a good option to use as a pre-rinse HERE.



As you may have heard, we are installing new flooring in place of the carpet throughout the practice. The unsightly rips and strings will be no more as we install a sturdier, easier to clean, better looking, no-strings-attached vinyl flooring throughout the lobby, front desk, consult room, and hallway. Please pick up any personal items from the floors in these areas in order to make the installation go smoother. Thanks to the doctors for making this huge investment to help the practice look so chic!



In case you don't have Facebook - congratulations and don't start - you can follow this LINK to learn more about the system we have in place throughout the building thanks to our landlords.