HCD Headlines

July 15, 2020

Wow... it's been awhile, eh? Well... Here's hoping your patience has paid off. We have a lot of things the doctors and other team members have brought to my attention. Thank you all for making sure we continue to run smoothly as a practice, a team, and a family.

And a little reminder to hug a friend virtually (physically if you're willing to risk COVID). We have a lot of people suffering from the state of our community, society, and world. Take a moment to send a friend or a frienemy a message of support and love. I'm the worst at this but... I mean "AND"... I'm going to start today to better by sending you this [----HUG----]



We have a return date for our wonderful, beloved, purple-curly haired hygienist, Lori. She will officially return to us on Monday, October 19, 2020. Mark it in your calendars as her return will be LEGEND... wait for it... DARY! We're so glad your're healing quickly and ready to come back. We've missed your beautiful smile even if it's hiding behind a mask. <3



Have you noticed the new iPads at the front desk? Well, take a moment to appreciate their glory as they have moved us into the 21st century. We can now do ALL our paperwork online. Until we can back this black magic 100%, paper forms will still be available for our patients. We will have the ability to update their medical history very shortly. We'll let you know as soon as we can do this!

Two Friends with a Tablet


The continual mandates regarding the ultrasonic and N95's will affect our August hours. We will continue to run the office from 8AM to 3PM. We are looking into the possibility of staggering the hours so we can open evenings towards the end of August. Until then, we will continue to move forward with our "summer hours."

Summer Sip


We have seen a few inlays and onlays these past few weeks in the doctors' chairs. As you may know, these types of restorations can be very difficult for insurances to reimburse even if it's a better option than a full coverage crown. Dr. Marchant has passed on his secrets to a perfect narrative for onlays. His secrets regarding inlay narratives will come at a later time. Remember... It's best to have this information in the clinical note so our wonderful insurance guru, Kolina, can run with that information without interrupting your day. Please let me know if you have any questions. Click HERE for access to the secret of a quality onlay narrative.



Another trend we're seeing in our practice is the increase of provisional crowns. This is a great first step for our patients that are looking to do a major overhaul of their mouth but don't want to commit 100%. With that in mind, please note that insurance doesn't like the to cover the temporaries that will help our patients decide to take the step into dental rehab. Please make sure your patient is aware of this. The claim will still be sent to insurance, but we don't want to get their hopes up... and then Toni has to call and then they get upset and Toni has to lay down the law... Yeah. (This photo came up on iStock when I asked for something "provisional." If you can explain why, I'll give you the change in my pen drawer.)