HCD Headlines

June 30, 2020

The 4th of July holiday weekend is approaching and we have lots of changes on the schedule. Dr. Marchant will be out next week due to travel quarantine. Dr. Henrie will be out Wednesday-Friday next week. Our hygiene patients are still being welcomed to the practice and are being informed no exams will happen during the doctors' absence. I will post a schedule once we have the front desk and assistant teams schedules laid out.


Thank you! ~Rachael


We have heard some of our team tell patients that there is "no aerosols" in hygiene or that they will not come into contact with aerosols during their hygiene appointment. Unfortunately, this is not something we can say with 100% certainty as the doctors continue to produce aerosols during treatment and those may inadvertently come into contact with our patients. If our patients ask, please tell them, "We are doing everything to mitigate their contact with aerosols," or "We won't do any treatment during your hygiene appointment that will create aerosols." These provide a more accurate picture regarding the possibility of our patient coming into contact with aerosols. If they have more questions, feel free to have one of the doctors talk with them.



In case you did not get the contact information for our Colonial Life representative, here you go:

Jennifer Wrice

C: 907.231.9227

O: 907.276.4357

E: jennifer.wrice@coloniallifesales.com

She is the best source for information on your policies and filing claims.

Se Habla Español!



After reviewing our needs as a practice, we have decided to close down Saturday hours until further notice. If the needs presents itself for hygiene only Saturdays, we will look at making that a possibility in the fall. For now, HCD will be closed every Saturday for the foreseeable future. Time to plan all those fall camping trips!



Please remember to NOT spray the leather chairs with the disinfecting solutions. The leather can only be cleaned with either soap and water or a specific leather cleaning solution.

Also, please use the spray sparingly when disinfecting your room. You do not need to "hose" the room down to ensure all the areas are sanitized. We do appreciate your thoroughness, though. Unfortunately, at this time we are restricted on the amount of cleaning solution we can purchase from our suppliers. A well-placed spray can cover a multitude of sins (cooties).