HCD Headlines

June 15, 2020

Welcome to a new week at HCD! Thanks for all your help as a team and individually to make our team meeting a success last week! We are so blessed to have you all as team members and I'm grateful to you all for the role you play at our practice!


Thank you! ~Rachael


As the health mandates for COVID continue in Alaska, Dr. Henrie and Dr. Marchant have reviewed the requirements for using cavitrons at HCD. As the current mandate stands, we are required to have high vac for any aerosol treatment. We also must have gowns, N-95/K-95's and face shields. Heather has been diligently working on securing the necessary PPE from various sources. Unfortunately, we are running into back orders and haven't been able to secure the necessary stock pile for aerosols to be used throughout the practice.

We will continue to secure as much PPE as possible in order to start cavitron use. Until such time, we recognize the burden it places on our hygienists' hands to do scaling every day. We sincerely thank you for putting forth your best efforts and taking care of your patients.

As a practice, we will continue to keep our hours from 8AM-3PM through the month of July. This will help limit the amount of PPE needed. It will also help reduce the number of hours of stress on our hygienists' hands. We will continue to move forward with the goal of running HCD at 100% - 100% safety, 100% patient care, 100% dental technology.


Sometimes we only consider the insurance when it comes to narratives. If the patients doesn't have insurance, we may feel it's okay to leave out helpful details that insurance typically looks for. Let's move forward treating every clinical note as if it's going to insurance for an audit. Be specific about missing cusps or how much natural tooth structure is remaining. These details greatly help our new Insurance Coordinator, Kolina, in getting claims paid quickly. We will talk in more details about narratives in our upcoming team meeting.



Another day, another chance for fun! :) Here's our schedule for the week.

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6-15 Schedule.JPG


As we have reviewed clinical notes, we've noticed the blood pressure #'s are not being put in the clinical note.

  1. If you are putting this information in the HH box, please delete the line/questions asking about blood pressure.

  2. If you have forgotten to take it, please delete the line/question.

By leaving this question blank, it leaves us open to appearing neglectful to our team members and outside persons that might review our clinical notes.



When treatment is diagnosed by the doctor, whether in hygiene or the doctor's chair, please remember to include the reasons for this treatment. As a matter of unity, all reasons for diagnosis must be entered into the clinical note.

If you prefer putting that information in the procedure code itself, please make a copy of the information and put it in the clinical note. This will ensure we are all on the same page and that the information can be found easily by everyone. Thanks!