Employee’s Rights & Responsibilities – Maintaining a Safe Work Place
  • No employee is expected to undertake a job until the employee has received instruction on how to perform the job properly and safely.

  • No employee should undertake a job that appears to be unsafe,

  • No employee should use chemicals without fully understanding their toxic properties and without the knowledge required for working safely with chemical hazards.

  • Mechanical safeguards and warning signs must always be kept in place.

  • Employees are required to immediately report all unsafe conditions encountered during work.

  • Any work-related injury or illness suffered, however minor or slight, must be reported to management at once (Use Safety and Health Hazard Report Form).

  • Personal protective equipment must be used when and where required by safety regulations and policies.  This equipment must be properly maintained.

  • Emergencies should be handled in accordance with the procedures outlines in our training sessions.

  • The success of our Injury/Illness prevention Program depends on everyone’s cooperation.  The safe work procedures for your specific job classification as outlined in our training programs must be followed.


Please help to provide and maintain a safe working environment for all our employees.

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