Celebrating 20 Years in Alaska

Health Centered Dentistry was started in 1998 with Dr. Burton Miller as its founder. He was soon joined by Dr. John Walsh. Together they created a practice that focuses on whole body health, holistic approach to oral health care, and using biocompatible materials to ensure the materials used are safe and healthy for the patient.


As we celebrate our 20 year milestone, we recognize the providers who helped form Health Centered Dentistry into what it is today.

Thank you for all your hard work in helping to create Health Centered Dentistry into what it is today!

Dr. Burton Miller, DDS 1986-2005
Dr. John Walsh, DMD 1998-2013
Dr. David Mishler, DDS 2010-2016
Dr. Gregory Bragiel, DDS 1998-2017

2011 Doctors
Dr. John Walsh
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Dr. David Mishler
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Dr. Gregory Bragiel
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