Blow A Bubble 2019

For April 2019, Health Centered Dentistry is raising awareness about oral cancer by offering free oral cancer screenings to the public and blowing bubbles with our friends and patients to raise money for the Oral Cancer Cause.

Oral Cancer Cause

The Oral Cancer Cause is a non-profit organization that provides financial assistance to those diagnosed with oral cancer. The money contributed to this foundation will go to the patients and their families to help cover incurred costs outside of medical bills. This includes mortgages or rent payments, groceries, utilities, and just day to day living expenses.


New Friends on Board!


This year we are excited to announce our partnership with other dental specialists in town to help us raise awareness about oral cancer through bubbles!



You Can Help, Too!

For every bubble blown in conjunction with our "Bubble Challenge" for the month of April, Health Centered Dentistry will donate $5 to The Oral Cancer Cause. You can help us reach our goal of $300!

Here's how you can help:

  1. When you come in for your appointment, you can blow a bubble while you're here. With your permission, we will share this on our social media. OR...

  2. Blow a bubble at home! Share it on social media, tag our office and use the hashtag #oralcancercause. OR...

  3. You can donate directly to the cause WITHOUT blowing a bubble. You can visit our fundraising page with Oral Cancer Cause HERE.


Also... you don't have to be a patient to participate! Feel free to share this information with your friends to help us raise awareness of this terrible disease.

We look forward to this month as we focus on raising awareness about this devastating cancer and sharing information on how it can be prevented.


Any questions about the Bubble Challenge campaign can be directed to Rachael Middleton

at Health Centered Dentistry. Call 907-276-4537 or email

Keep up with the fun HERE!

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